Disney Pixar Coco Guitar Cake

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My family is so excited for the new Disney Pixar movie Coco. So when we had our Day of the Dead party to learn about the Mexican tradition I knew I wanted to make a cake that tied the movie in, and since the guitar is a key part of the movie I decided to make a Coco Guitar cake.

Disney Pixar Coco Guitar Cake

Now as of this moment I’ve only seen the previews, but we are getting very excited for it’s release in November, and it’s clear that the guitar is special so I thought it would be perfect.

Coco cake supplies

Guitar Cake Pan

Cake Mix
Vanilla frosting
Black chocolate melts
Parchment Paper
Plastic baggies

Step 1: Mix up the cake
Step 2: Coat the guitar cake pan. I use a paper towel with butter and then add flour to coat the pan. Tip: Do this over your sink so the clean up is a little easier.
Step 3: Bake the cake
Step 4: When the cake if done you’ll want to flip it out of the pan and allow to cool on a cooling rack
Step 5: Make sure the cake is totally cooled before you apply frosting and place on a cake

Coco cake base

Step 6: Apply frosting and try to get it as smooth as possible
Step 7: Keep a little frosting and add some black dye to make a light grey (I accidentally did brown) then add the details on the sides using a plastic baggie as your piping bag
Step 8: Melt some black chocolate melts in 30 second intervals, stirring between
Step 9: Fill a plastic baggie with the melted chocolate and snip the end
Step 10: On parchment paper make a circle and fill it in for the center of the guitar with the black chocolate and allow to cool
Coco cake designStep 11: Use a photo of the guitar for reference and the black chocolate to make your designs on the top and bottom of the guitar

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