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Chocolate caramel marshmallow

If you follow us on Instagram you may have noticed that we are a tad bit obsessed with Disneyland. Who am I kidding? Our entire family is filled with Disneyland fanatics. Living in California gives us the opportunity to visit the park regularly throughout the year. On a recent trip we realized that the more we go the more we notice that there’s still so many treats and foods to try. The parks do a great job at serving a diverse selection of foods and desserts for everyone’s tastes. My absolute favorite treat are these Chocolate Caramel Marshmallows found in several locations around the park and in Downtown Disney. We shared this recipe over at The Idea Room last month and I’m excited to share it with you guys today!

Disneyland Chocolate Caramel Marshmallow Pops

Disney makes two versions of this treat – with or without nuts. My husband prefers without, but I love the texture it adds to the chocolate caramel marshmallows. These are really easy to make and you can change the amount of marshmallows you prefer in each serving. If there’s any remaining ingredients we like to make individual chocolate caramel covered marshmallows – these are the perfect size for kids!


  • Marshmallows
  • 11 ounce bag Kraft caramels
  • 4-6 tablespoons heavy cream
  • 1 cup chopped peanuts/cashews/almonds
  • 1 package Almond Bark (chocolate coating)
  1. In a small saucepan melt caramels with 4-6 tablespoons of heavy cream. Start with 4 tablespoons and add another 1-2 if needed. Slowly stir caramels until melted.
  2. Insert lollipop or caramel apple stick into 3 large marshmallows. Begin melting chocolate over a double boiler or in microwave according to package directions.
  3. Coat marshmallows with melted caramel and immediately roll in nuts. Allow cooling before dipping in chocolate.
  4. Cover caramel marshmallows with chocolate; use a spoon to evenly coat marshmallows if needed. Refrigerate for 15 minutes to cool and allow the chocolate to set.

From >>https://apumpkinandaprincess.com/disneyland-inspired-chocolate-caramel-marshmallows/

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