Monsters University Cereal Treat Bars

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Monsters Cereal Treat Bars

While on our Monsters playdate shopping trip, Big Brother happened to spot a special edition Kellogg’s Monsters University cereal (think Lucky Charms). We don’t do much sugary cereal like that normally, but thought we could definitely turn it in to a special treat! And, that’s exactly what we did! No-bake, easy to make, super cute, and seriously delicious!! It’s as simple as making “krispie treat bars”.Monsters University Cereal


  • butter
  • marshmallows
  • Monsters University cereal (*Note- if you can’t find the cereal, you could always substitute with something else and use the sprinkles/food coloring/etc. to make it more “Monsters-ish”)
  • blue and green sparkling sugar sprinkles
  • candy eyeballs


First decide what thickness of cereal bar you’d like. Because I was making them for young kids, I decided to make them in a 9×13 pan to make them fairly thin. But, the “normal” recipe isn’t enough then. If you like them thicker, then I suggest a square 8×8 or 9×9 pan! So…

  • For thicker cereal bars in a square pan, use 3T butter, 4C mini marshmallows, and 6 cups of cereal!
  • For thinner bars in a 9×13, use about 1/4 C butter, 5-6 C mini marshmallows (almost the whole bag), and about 8 C cereal (almost the whole box).

Start by greasing whatever pan you’re using with some butter. Then, melt your butter in a pan on low heat with the marshmallows, stir frequently. Once that is gooey & melty, stir in the cereal until it’s all mixed together well. Spread into the greased pan and smooth down as best you can. I recommend spraying a little non-stick cooking spray on your hand or on a piece of foil for pressing everything down. Then, while everything is still warm, let the kids sprinkle blue & green sugar sprinkles all over the pan and sticking in some candy eyeballs for some added monster fun!!

Monster Cereal Treat Bars

Let the bars cool to harden a bit, then cut and serve! Super easy and fun! And, be warned…these monster treats are scary good! So they might just disappear in a flash!

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