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So when it’s weekend, I get more time to do things which I like. Things like baking something good at home, things like styling the food I make, and things like photographing them and then finally writing them up here. Haha! I know, it’s nothing new. And if it is not for all these things, you, my dear blog reader and I would never have connected in first instance.

Jokes apart, seriously I like to spend more time doing all these things. Because, I thrive on all this. This is what I love. Baking and photographing! My usual weekend starts pretty early in the day, unlike anyone else’s. It’s more occupying than my weekdays. Interestingly, I have lots of things playing on my mind all throughout the week, nothing but what special am I going to bake or cook on the weekend. Like this weekend, I made these lovely brioche chocolate wreath buns. I knew couple of day ahead that I was going to bake some bread on the weekend. But more about these buns later! Couple of weeks back, I baked this lovely potato thyme pizza at home on a Saturday. These pizzas were made with whole wheat flour and loads of love. Thin crust, crispy, smothered with sour cream, parmesan and some fresh thyme, these pizzas took my heart away! It was all summer, they sang aloud!

The following day, family was visiting, so I saved half of the dough, so that I could bake some fresh ones for my little munchkins too. Though initially hesitant, like kids are supposed to be, they ended up gobbling them down pretty soon. Voila! yet another home bake which kids loved besides cakes and cookies. This is the white pizza I am going to make at home over and over again for the rest of my life!

From>> http://thewhiteramekins.com/potato-thyme-pizza/

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