Santa Hat Cupcake with Homemade Icing | Christmas Party Treats

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ts being to look at lot like Christmas in the kitchen! This fun Santa hat cupcake is one that the kids are going to LOVE! Also make sure you  check out this Last minute Personalized Santa Letter set!

The Santa Hat Cupcakes are simple to make but look like a million bucks. To see step by step instructions on how to make a cupcake swirl check out here.

If your are looking for recipes to put these cupcakes together you can checkout these recipes How to make Icing as good as a bakery and How to make a boxed cake mix taste like a bakery  

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Santa Hat Cupcake

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Santa Hat Cupcake

Santa Hat Cupcake

Santa Hat Cupcake Supplies

Santa Hat Cupcake Directions

Place your large round pastry tip in your pastry bag and fill it with the red buttercream. Pipe a swirl on the cupcakes. Place your star pastry tip in your pastry bag and fill it with the white buttercream. Hold the pastry tip against the bottom of the red buttercream and lightly pipe a small star of buttercream. Keep doing it all around the cupcake. Make one star on the top of his hat.

Santa Hat CupcakeSanta Hat Cupcake

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